“[untitled]” forthcoming from Nightmare


The Troll Who Hid Her Heart Strange Horizons, October 2016
The Mud God(Skyglass short) Sparkler Monthly, October 2016
The Snail, the Fox, the Owl Spolia, January 2016


The Surprising Intellect of Combat ChickensSparkler Monthly, March 2015


The Seaweed and the Wormhole Shimmer, July 2014

“I was beautiful, Ebb. More than I am now. My skin was blue and my eyes were rainbow like a beetle’s exoskeleton.”

Cinderseed Cherry Bomb, March 2013 (An erotic teaser for my novel, Skyglass.  Free preview here.)

The girl with eyes of gold and wine glided naked through the vacuum, away from the sun-orbiting satellite…

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