Poemsof bog, lake and troll: 19, 20/21, 22/23, 22 part 2

Recap: I’m currently traversing Finland, Sweden and Estonia, writing a poem a day. Blog posts will come after my return.

Writing from: Helsinki
Poems written in: Tõrve, Estonia and Klaperjaht.


Barrels of soolakurk, pickles
blonde-haired heads ready for transplantation
sauerkraut a kegger of bog
jawbones, tongues full of burrowing larvae.


Tradition says to make the nest from witchhair, mud
reindeer piss.
Seal it in troll stench and honey, amber, then ice
and place it on a green hill in Ireland.


5 hours of terror
she can’t breathe in the tent
water worms up between her lashes
they look for you they can’t find you
where where where
besafe besafe besafe
the encampment has been carved of stars
white dwarves and dead ones

Then he’s there, head hanging
strings cut can’t hold himself up.

This is what eating thieves does to you.

22 part 2

A piper smoking a pipe
blue tattoos under his toenails
green ones writhe on his eyelids.
His lover has a blonde mane of porcupine
quills spilling down from his skull.