Poems of bog, lake and troll 11, 12, 13, 14

Recap: I’m currently traversing Finland, Sweden and Estonia, writing a poem a day. Blog posts will come after my return.

Writing from: on a bus that’s taking us to the Estonian island of Kuressaare.
Poems written from: Stockholm; the Sörmlandsleden trail; the Nacka nature reserve in Sweden and on cruise-ship-masquerading-as-a-ferry, crossing the Baltic.


80s obsessed
red yarn dreds
cycle hordes
dirty blonde metalhead with a shopping bag
(plaid the same color as snow, cherry stains and fish eyes)
holding hands
black and white tights by Escher
cheap food


Lake trolls are similar to kappa, but with eyes along their spines
which they use to see as they glide beneath the water.  They have eyes for aureoles
eyes on their kneecaps and even their skin can detect the kicking legs
of swimmers
The falling bodies of drowners
Lake trolls like especially to pull out the large artery in the thigh and suck it
into their snag-toothed mouths like fresh lakeweed
smacked between their wormlips.


[currently on-submission]


I could survive a cruise maybe one week, before jumping ship.
Suspended in ocean I would learn to dance.
A drunk Swede would interrupt the sway
trading bubbles of dialogue with anemones and arctic char
then post it all in youtube the next day.