many things hanging from my skull

I think I’ve mentioned before my desire for multiple arms. But if I’m being allowed extra anatomy, I think I’ll go with a whole other body.

SO MANY THINGS. I finished a book three months ago, started another a few days later. 50,000 words on that one now. It’s called Fable and is currently hanging. I put it on the hook myself, because that’s what I had to do. Not what I wanted–what I had to. (Because I’m only one body.) I’ll be in the studio recording drums for Moss of Moonlight’s EP at the end of the month and while I’m capable of working full time, writing a book and making an album, I know that stretching myself to ghost-thinness makes for piss-quality art.

So–a breath. I sink into the body I do have.

I wanted to finish Fable by December’s end. No.  Ha.  At December’s beginning, I jammed it’s neck on that hook (books can survive such things) and told it to stay put until the new year. January means my drums for the EP will be writ in digital stone and I can focus on simple things like vocals and aux percussion. Leaving me enough time to finish writing the book by the end of the month.

Don’t ask me where I found the time for these words. I should be practicing blast beats. Or sleeping (because tomorrow I’m getting no sleep, because, you know, THE HOBBIT).