Eaten 11

Don’t ride a broken bike in the rain.  You will inevitably crash into a fence and bloody a knee. (Like me)

(I contemplated posting a picture of my actual knee, but wasn’t sure if the bit of skin that looked like a maggot nosing up through the blood would be too much…)

Eh, I need a new pair of striped tights anyway.

Also, (later in the day) don’t swerve for worms longer than your foot.  You will almost crash.

And another thing.  Cavan and I hiked up to a swamp a couple days ago to take band photos, which involved us wading knee-deep into the mire.  You’ll see the evidence in a couple days.  In the meantime, have a fiddlehead, one of my favorite things in the cosmos.  If I were to ever get tattooed, I’d mark myself with a fiddlehead (simpler than this one, but still).

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