death note

Stephen Graham Jones said that Bradbury said to write one story a week and I think that’s a really good idea.

So that’s what I’m going to do, starting now until forever.  Story one is done.  Sent off to the wordslaves.  By Saturday, it’ll be in line, probably awaiting rejection, which doesn’t really matter because on Sunday, I’ll be writing again.  I’ll let Stephen Graham Jones (an awesome long-haired prof at Colorado) explain with this quote of his that I love:

If you wait to submit until you’re good enough, you’ll never submit, and if you wait for rejections to come in before starting the next thing, you’re going to write maybe six stories in your life. Just never stop writing, and read read read, and not just in the genre your heart belongs to. Read the stuff you fully expect to hate. There’s stuff you can steal there, and you won’t feel bad, because you hate those people anyway. (source)