unfortunate for you, this makes me your god

I wish I was Kali.  I wish I had her many hands. I wish I had her tongues and her fire and her goddess-powers. So many things to do, so few limbs to do them with.

I have the first half of my book that’s supposed to be edited by the end of this month, ekphrastic poems to cast up on, short stories to write and send off and last weekend, Cavan and I drove to Vancouver to finish our album. And we did. We spent nine hours with our mixer/masterer Ronn Chick, listening to each song, making little changes like turn up the growls and can we have thunder with those owls? and more sleighbell, please.

We returned to Bellingham with a finished album. As soon as we send our mixer his last check, receive the master discs, convert the album art to CMYK coloring (assuming I figure out how–exactly–to do that) and mail the whole package off to be printed by NW Media, we will be done.

At last.  Nineteen months later (we first discussed the concept of putting a Cascadian rebellion into song underneath a Rainier cherry tree in August, 2010) and our album is complete.

Through song, lyric and soundscape, SEED tells the story of the Cascadian region of North America rising against its oppressors. The album has warriors, wanderers and sea-daughters.  Mountain and rain gods, forest goddesses, moss-tattooed-feet and battles. Many battles. Death too, of course, and homesickness. It’s war-music and a love-song to the earth.

SEED will be available on Ostara (March 21, 2012). I’ll post our single + accompanying video tomorrow.