no one swims the sea as I can

This review makes me happy:

MOSS OF MOONLIGHT is a two piece Black / Folk Metal band out of Bellingham,
Washington. I was blown away after one listen of this disc. I have become a huge fan of Black /
Folk Metal over the past ten plus years and seek out as many bands playing this style as I can.
MOSS OF MOONLIGHT found me and I am very pleased about this. This two piece consists of
Jenn Grunigan playing drums, percussion (including djembe, tablas, gong, tambourine), all female
vocals & Cavan Wagner doing male growls & clean vocals, guitars, bass, mouth harp, programing
and more. The sound these two produce is unbelievable.
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I like being happy, so many thanks to Beowolf Productions.

Ekphrastic 17/Basilisk

Ekphrastic 17/Basilisk

Chrysalis eyes:
your womb chews you up, your
only power is lashing your lashes

you have no eyes, your sockets echo
from your gums
hang visions like shriveled baby teeth.

This story has nothing to do with either of you, your
single flute song, your
one-thrust dance.

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[Ekphrasis is, more or less, art about art.  As an eater of a lot of art, I like using ekphrastic poetry to digest some of it.]

Ekphrastic Poetry Archive  (For poems about A Game of Thrones, anime, music, The Hunger Games, Blood Meridian, etc–basically, everything your brain desires.)



The day before moving to Montana, I decided to record a bunch of vocals and drums.  Instead of, you know, packing.  Some of the music is still being mixed and mastered, but there’s one piece I can share with you–a song called Persephone, by Spokane band The Finns.  They asked for guest vocals and I was happy to oblige.

(my part falls between 2:59 – 3:32)


In other musical news, I’ve rented a storage unit for my drums (and for practicing them).  (It’s hard to disillusion yourself into thinking two towel-muted practice pads are a good stand-in for a real live drum set.)  The price is right, I can get there easily on my bike and it’ll probably be cold as hel in the winter–but also so, so worth it.

SEED (my band's folk metal album, just released)

SEED (my band's folk metal album, just released)

I’m female.  I listen to metal.  I drum.  In a metal band. (A few of them, actually)

When I started my job seven months ago, my musical tastes were constantly called into question*.  See, as a dishwasher, locked up in the hermetic dishpit, you get to listen to whatever the hel you like.  So, I’d be scrubbing away, listening to Arkona, Asmegin, Fejd, Eluveitie, Finntroll, Katatonia, Metsatöll, etc, etc, (see below) and people would pop in, gift me with yet another piece of be-grimed kitchenware, and promptly ask is this YOUR music? To which I would promptly answer, of course.




I am the unexpected, I suppose.

Anyway, my band Moss of Moonlight just released an album.  We play Cascadian folk metal, driven by the mountains, forests and oceans that surround us–our homeland.  The concept behind the music is this: the bioregion we live in  (see this map) should be its own country, unattached to the United States and Canada.  This place would (will) be called Cascadia.

Our first album, SEED, is about the rebellion and war that leads to its formation.

Here’s the single off the release, Existent No More:


Join the resistance.  Buy the album here. (Or download through itunes, amazon, google play, or wherever you prefer to purchase your mp3s)


Official website/facebook/metal-archives/youtube


*Not in the sense that I was disrespected or held in disbelief for what I listened to.  People were just surprised.