Occupy Wall Street (in Bellingham, Wa)

It all started with a Tea Partier.

Yesterday, a crowd gathered on Cornwall Street in Bellingham, Wa to show solidarity for Occupy Wall Street.  When their numbers were still small, a man in a giant truck decided to disrupt the peace.  Long story short, he got angry, flipped around, ran a red light all so he could yell (inanely, I’m sure) at the occupiers.

The crowd had grown by this time and they surrounded his truck.  Amazingly enough, he decided not to plow through the throng, though I’m sure he wished he could have.   But unfortunately for him, the police were everywhere.  Not only did the Tea Partier get ticketed, but the cops made him back all the way down Cornwall, after which they proceeded to block off the street so the occupiers could occupy.

Some footage and pictures from the march: