Clarion Materials and the Classes of 2016

Below, I’ve compiled a list of Clarion-related materials (most blog posts), plus a list of the Clarion West and Clarion UCSD Classes of 2016. (Only people who have publicly announced their attendance; that said, if you don’t want to be listed, let me know and I will apologize and immediately remove your name!) If you have a blog post of your own (or know of anyone else who has one) that you’d like added to the list, let me know and I’ll be sure to include it!

First, my application materials. The essays, at least (not posting the stories because, well, they’re out on submission). I know how intimidating applications can be so, like I’ve done with my grad school materials, here are my essays. Maybe they aren’t good examples, maybe they’re misleading, but then again, maybe they’ll help. Feel free to read, be inspired, or decide that they’re terrible and perfect examples of what not to do. Share them around if you like–I only ask that you give me credit if you do so. Thanks!

Jenn Grunigen, Clarion West 2014 Background
Jenn Grunigen, Clarion West 2015 Background
Jenn Grunigen, Clarion West 2016 Background
Jenn Grunigen, Clarion UCSD 2016 Application Questions

Blog Posts from Clarion West/UCSD 2016 People (if you’ve written a blog post and want to see it here, send it on!):

Clarion West Class of 2016 by Emma Osborne (+ more here)
Clarion West Class of 2016 by S. Qiouyi Lu
Clarion UCSD 2016! by Jenn Grunigen (me)
Clarion West Class of 2016 by Jon Lasser


I decided to put together these lists to help us (Clarion classmates and cousins, as well as anyone else in SF/F-lands) all keep track of one another, build community and network. If you should be on this list and want to be on this list, let me know and I’ll add you! There are also a couple people currently not on the list who I’ve contacted, but have not yet heard back from yet (didn’t want to assume you wanted to be on the list and put you down without your permission!).

Clarion West Class of 2016
(Check out T. Jane Berry’s Twitter list: Clarion West 2016)

Elizabeth Bartmess
Gunnar Norskog
C.A. Hawksmoor
Jon Lasser
Jessica Silbaugh-Cowdin
S. Qiouyi Lu
Emma Osborne
Cadwell Turnbull
T. Jane Berry
Betsy Aoki
Lora Gray
Paul DesCombaz
Gabriel Teodros

Clarion UCSD Class of 2016
(Check out my Twitter lists: Clarion UCSD Class of 2016, as well as the comprehensive list Clarion Classes of 2016–feel free to subscribe to either or both, if you like!)

Benjamin Sloan
Grant Shepert
Kendra Fortmeyer
Sunil Patel
Jaymee Goh
Emily Cataneo
Jenn Grunigen (me)

Other Materials:

This list by Liz Argall is definitely the most comprehensive that I could find. However, it doesn’t have everything (thus the links below; there may be some crossover, though!). Again, if you have something to add, please send it to me!

How to Fake Clarion by Andrea Phillips
Notes from La Jolla by Isabel Yap
>>(also see: Applying to Clarion and Clarion Advice: Before, During, After)
To Clarion…and Beyond. by Sam J. Miller
>>(also see: Clarion 2012: Every Brilliant Piece of Writing Advice)
The Clarion Writers Workshop by Dallas Taylor
4 Reasons to Apply to Clarion Right Now by Lauren Naturale
Why You Don’t Want to Apply to Clarion West/Clarion UCSD by Helena Bell
Is Clarion Right for You? Maybe Yes, Maybe No by Michael Swanwick

2 thoughts on “Clarion Materials and the Classes of 2016

  1. Hey! A Clarion almost-ran here, who fully plans to apply until they get in. I’ve been waitlisted for UCSD this year (didn’t apply to West), which I’m taking as a highly encouraging sign, given it’s my first try at Clarion- and given I’m but a wee unpublished mite. Thank you so much for assembling this post! Having spent ages sifting the depths of obscure searches for Clarion information it’s highly useful to have so much good stuff collated so neatly.

    And good luck for this summer… while I’m sure you’ll all have a fab time, well, I hope you all have a fab time!

    • I’m so glad the post’s doing the work it’s intended to! Glad to hear you’ll keep pushing even if you don’t get in via the waitlist this year. Good luck! : ) Also, thank you–I have high hopes for this summer, too!

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