2017: A Roundup (No Slugs Harmed)

I had just one story come out in 2017, but I have a pup sleeping in my lap, and my fellow Clarion werejelly Jaymee Goh has informed me that I am in my second year of eligibility for the Campbell Award. Guess there’s hope for me yet.

Here is a collection of my artistic endeavors of 2017:

On March 17, my blackened neofolk metal band Felled released our brief album Bonefire Grit. Here’s a review, compliments of Dutch Pearce and Decibel Magazine.

Also in March, my dark folk band Wēoh struck out on our Vernal Tour 2017. I illustrated our tour poster:

Come April, my (awards eligible) story Figs, Detached was published in Nightmare Magazine. I’ve been told it contains the best fictional genitals ever, so if you enjoy genitals (especially spongey ones), you should probably read this. You can also read my author spotlight, in which I discuss things like mythpunk and queer foxes.

Among the many shows both of my bands played, we also performed at a few summer festivals: Thirst For Light and Faerieworlds.

Finally, in October, Felled headed out on The Saltwood Tour MMXVII, journeying up and down the west coast. I conjured up the tour poster for that one, too…

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*as in, a selkie who is a huntress, not a huntress of selkies

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